You have ordered a stone order in Turkey and you want it to be inspected to be sure about the quality? In your last order you received some tiles with broken edges or tiles with bigger fillings than expected? Do you feel like it would be better if your order is inspected by someone before shipping?

Our stone experts who has experience in production and inspection in total an experience of 15 years can provide this service for you in any city in Turkey.
Marbtex Marble guarantees the orders of our customers is in compliance with international standarts of stone industry.


Each order is inspected carefully and individually per each crate by our experienced experts to prevent any problems such as: broken corners, cracks, caliberation, filling-repairing quality and color selection.

After the quality control operation , following services are given to our customers:

  • Sending the photos of tiles in each crate
  • Sending the photos of general selection of each container
  • Sending the photos of rejected and seperated tiles
  • Quality control reports


We inspect slab orders piece by piece at the end of production before packing. We pay close attention to the following points during the slab inspection:

  • Selection
  • Polishing quality
  • Cracks , repairing quality on surface
  • Slab measurement
  • Epoxy quality (in order to prevent color changing)
  • Epoxy and net application quality
  • Bundle/packing quality

We send the photos of each slab or bundles to our customers with detailed report for the approval before shipment.


We provide the following steps:

  • Color characteristic and homogeneity
  • Crack structure
  • Porosity percentage

Dimensions according to customer expectation